August 18, 2017

Website Free Lance

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ConvertKit Form

ConvertKit Form

Need a website?

I've done a couple of projects that have required different styles of formatting. Whether you need a website for personal use, informational, small businesses, or for blogging, then I'm here to help you.

Web Builders

With wordpress or any other online web building tool you could also create a website within minutes. These tools online are there for free if you are trying to learn. Most of them let you use their full service for a short amount of time until you decide to upgrade and get a pro version. In many cases WordPress allows you to select a theme from the start to begin working on your website. The great thing about these are that, they are free! Of course, you could pay for a more luxurious one, but as I always say, it's always more fun and creative when building your own theme.

Other online web builders include,,,, and many more. They all have different unique ways of helping you get your business out on the web. In my case, I've used at as an informational tool.



Before you even decide on an idea for a website, it is always good to think of a good domain name! In this case I have used my own name. Sometimes we like to jump the gun and go straight into building a theme or coding html code, but we always forget a NAME! This is important because whether your site is about a business or blog, you will need to create a logo or a theme revolving that name. It basically comes down to branding that name, in this case my own name. For domain hosting you can't go wrong with either or They have sufficient tools in which they can guide you in finding the right domain, not only that, but they can also be cheap.

AC Doctor TN

This website was built for a small HVAC Contracting company. They mainly required information for clients. The main priority for this website was to inform their visitors who they are, what services they offer, and how they can be reached. To See this live website go here!


Websites in Progress

The following are websites that are currently being developed under way. This means that they don't have their own domain yet. If you like any of them and wish to have one of your own then please shoot me an email so we can talk about getting you started with one today!

Nashville Bartender

This website is being created for a group of bartenders, who work in and out of the Nashville area. If you need any bartenders or mixology services please make sure to visit their website