Welcome to the capital of Ecuador, Quito! This is where you will find the famous monument marking the center of the world, or La Mitad del Mundo. Quito is visited by many tourists through out the year. There are many places to visit. You can go to its Churches, Cotopaxi National Park, The Basilicas, teleferico, and so much more.

La Mitad del Mundo

mitad del mundo
mitad del mundo

Here you will find the famous Mitad del Mundo centerpiece signifying the location of where the line divides the north from the south. Although the actual line may be off by a distance, it is a location in which it has brought in so many tourists from across the world. Within you will find museums, art galleries, clothing displays, and many photographs. A must see location if visiting Ecuador

Cotopaxi National Park

Cotopaxi ecuador
Cotopaxi ecuador

This national park is located about an hour and a half from the city of Quito. Its one of the best National Parks that Ecuador offers. It is a very popular destination if you are looking into hiking, climbing, and trek. You will enjoy the scenic and panoramic views from down below. You will find unique vegetation and animals. Some include Wolves, Pumas, Bears, and even condors.


quito teleferico
quito teleferico

This may be one of Quitos latest attractions. It is located on the skirts of the Pichincha. This Teleferico reaches up to 4,050 meters at the summit of Cruz Loma. You will get a spectacular view of the City of Quito, as well as the 14 peaks of the Andes that surround it. You may experience symptoms of high altitude here, so be careful when hiking. The hiking experience here is wonderful, and you may even get horse rides at the top of the mountain.

Quito Night Life

Mariscal Quito
Mariscal Quito

Although there already is a lot of cultural and touristic areas to visit in Quito, let us not forget the night scene! The best place to go party in Quito is all in la Mariscal. This area of Quito were things come to life at night. You will be met with a variety of nightclubs for all sorts of Crowds A very popular nightclub here is Bungalow 6. See below for a wider list!

Quitos NightClubs, Bars, Pubs

  • Bungalow 6
  • Zocalo
  • Lavoe
  • Friend's Corner
  • Twist Discoteca
  • Quito Chupitos
  • Mura Quito
  • Bodeguita de Cuba
  • No Bar
  • Cafe Democratico
  • Disco Bitch
  • Tercer Milenio
  • Turtle's head
  • Extasis Entertainment Club

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