Welcome to the largest city in Ecuador! Guayaquil's main ports are the best access points for cruises to and from Galapagos. Tourism here has been growing over the years. There have been many renewal projects underway that will of great attraction to new comers. Some of the best things to do in Guayaquil include going to the Parque Historico, Las Peñas, el Malecon 2000, and many more. If you are visiting for the first time make sure to take the many tours that are offered around the city.

El Malecon 2000


This boardwalk stretches for 2.5 KM a long the Guayas River. This is one of the biggest touristic attractions Guayaquil has to offer. Here you will find many things. You can find Museums, gardens, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and so much more. It is very well protected at night as well, offering some security to new tourists showing up on the board walk. It was declared as a healthy public space by the Pan-American Organization of Health and the World Health Organization.

Las Peñas

las peñas guayaquil ecuador
las peñas guayaquil ecuador

This location of Guayaquil is the known to be as the first neighborhood of the city. It is as old as 400 years! It is a very unique location to visit. It is located at the hill in front of the river. It is known for it's colorful and romantic appearance. It may be a small town, but with its wooden homes and cobble stone streets, it makes it worth the trip. Las Peñas was declared the Cultural Heritage in 1982. If you enjoy eighteenth and nineteenth centuries architecture, then you will love this town.

Parque Historico de Guayaquil

parque historic guayaquil
parque historic guayaquil

In this Historic Park, many tourists get a good sense of the old days, they recreate many different habitats in which older civilization used to live in. Here you will appreciate the history of Guayaquil, you can visit the Wildlife Area, Urban Architectonic Area, and it's traditional area.

This Historic park is made up of 8 acres of land and it was built in 1997.

Guayaquil NightLife

guayaquil nightlife
guayaquil nightlife

Outside of the touristic areas of Guayaquil, you may also wonder about the nightlife, the dancing, drinking, and just meeting people. Well Guayaquil has various spots for those. One of it's biggest spots is Plaza del Sol, its a big square filled with different bars and clubs. Along with that location you can go to Urdesa, Samborondo, as well the Malecon. One key tip here is to NEVER go alone to any location, as they may want to take advantage since you are a tourist. Always go with someone if you plan to go out and explore the night!

Bars, Pubs, and Clubs

  • Heineken Bar Music
  • La Paleta
  • Divina Nicotina
  • Zona Rosa
  • Cerro Santa Ana
  • Mall Kenedy
  • Ibiza Evolution
  • Henry Morgan (Boat Ship)
  • Odisea Romana
  • Rolling Sport-Bar-Club
  • Rayuela
  • Cali Salsoteca
  • Bar 234
  • Discoteca Okus
  • Kruger Rock Bar
  • La Mansion Night Club

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