Welcome to the capital of the Azuay province, Cuenca! This city is located in the southern area of the Andes Mountains. Cuenca is known to be one of the best locations for american retirees. It's a great location to go exploring. you can visit the famous Cathedral, Cajas National Park, Parke Calderon, Turi, and many others. The best thing about this city is that it is small, so many of these touristic attractions are very close to each other.

Mirador Turi

turi cuenca ecuador
turi cuenca ecuador

One of the highest points of the city of Cuenca you will find the the town of Turi. This location is a great spot to get a wide city view of Cuenca. It is known for its amazing view both in the day and night time. You can also explore the town, which has a great ceramic artisan and small community.

Cajas National Park

cajas ecuador
cajas ecuador

This is a national park located in the mountain region of Ecuador. It is 30 KM west from Cuenca. This location is well-known for its hiking trails. You will also find the Santuario de la Virgen del Cajas. Fishing and camping are also very popular in this part of Ecuador.  Make sure to wear a poncho, because this part of Ecuador is always cold!

Parke Calderon and Cathedral

parke calderon cuenca
parke calderon cuenca

This is the most visited area of Cuenca! Whether you are a local or a tourist passing by, this is where you are at the heart of Cuenca. You can find many Cathedrals within its distance. A lot of Cuencas culture can be found around this small landmark. You can find shops, live music, vendors, artist, and so much more! Make sure to take an extra memory card for pictures!

Mall del Rio

Mall del Rio Cuenca
Mall del Rio Cuenca

One of the biggest attractions outside of the city is the Mall del Rio. This mall in ways is very similar to a Mall found in the United States, so touring through here whether your shopping or simply exploring should feel like you are back at home. They have a movie theater, bowling alley, arcade games, food court, and of course shopping stores.

Cuenca Nightlife

plaza del farol
plaza del farol

Although the city is small, it is a great place to go looking for a party. Many visiting tourists and local youngfolk have turned this city into a very respectable night life scene. Whether you want to simply go to a bar or dance salsa, there is always something going on in the weekends, one of the more popular places include: Eucalyptus, Tal Cual, Mansion Alcazar, and more.

Cuenca Nightclubs, bars, and pubs

  • Eucalyptus
  • Tal Cual
  • Mansion Alcazar
  • Cacao y Canela
  • El Barril
  • Clasicos Bar
  • La Fundicion
  • La Parola
  • La Terrasa
  • Nidia Fuzzion
  • La Mesa Salsa y Son
  • Restaurant Indigo
  • Laos
  • Jazz Society Cafe
  • Paris Bar & Lounge
  • Wunderbar
  • Lola's Bar
  • Space

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